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How to choose the right stairlift options for your home

Written by Stannah

What sorts of stair lift options do you need?

It all depends on you. While Stannah offers a range of stairlift models for straight stairs, curved stairs and outdoor staircases, most of our stair lifts have the additional benefit of added optional features. During your free home visit, our friendly advisor will walk you through your options and present the features he or she thinks are right for you. Here are a few of the choices we offer.

Stannah has a powered swivel stairlift option

Powered Swivel Option

All Stannah stair lifts swivel at the top of the stairs, so that the rider can get off safely. But, if manually swivelling the chair is difficult due to limited mobility, we offer a powered swivel option to make turning easier. This mechanism allows the user to swivel the chair to face away from the stairs, by simply continuing to hold the hand control or using the remote. The chair can also be swiveled back into the riding position using the remote, to allow others to use the stairs.

Stannah’s retractable rail option for straight stairs

Retractable Rail Option      

For straight stairs, Stannah offers a retractable rail that raises and lowers automatically as the chair rides up and down the stairs. This is a great option if the rail could pose a potential tripping hazard at the bottom of the stairs or if there is a door in the way. With the retractable rail option, your Stannah stairlift will be there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

Seat belt options for your Stannah stairlift

Seat Belt Options

The standard retractable seat belt on the Siena and Starla chairs is designed for ease-of-use and can be upgraded to an ‘Immobilizer seat belt’ so that the chair will not operate from the armrest control until the seat belt is engaged (standard equipment on the Sadler chair). Our lap-diagonal and five-point seat belts (above) provide extra restraint over the shoulders and, if needed, between the legs. We also have a centre-clasp seat belt option.

Choose a stairlift with colours to match your home

Upholstery Choices

Stannah’s indoor stair lift models come with upholstery choices and a range of colours to match your home’s décor. The Starla even gives you the option of getting woven upholstery and light or dark wood trim. We understand that it’s important for your stair lift to not only be functional, but also fit into your life. That’s why we design our chairs to look good, in addition to being safe and reliable.

Choice of Hand Control

The standard hand control was designed to be ergonomic and easy-to-use for people with limited dexterity. However, some users prefer the vertical “rudder” style instead. Both are well-suited for arthritic fingers. It’s all a matter of comfort, choose the version that is most comfortable for you!

Stannah stairlifts come with a wide seat option

Seat Width Options

The Siena chair comes with comfortable wide armrests (right image) as standard. An optional narrow chair (left image) allows the chair to be installed on stairs only 27” wide. This is a great option for narrow stairs or for shorter users. Learn more about our stairlift dimensions.

Interested in learning more about Stannah’s full range of stairlift options? Give us a call. Our friendly advisors are here to help answer your questions, so you can make the best choice for you. The information is free and there’s no obligation to buy. So, call us today to get started.


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