Stairlifts Grants in Malta

Few people know that you can get grants to help you with (and often cover) the cost of a stairlift. We understand that applying for a grant can be stressful, which is why we’ve laid out some information about each grant to help you work out your options.

One thing you should bear in mind is that most grants need to be approved before you start work.

If you want more information about the grants that may be available to you, you should contact your local authority, but we’ve laid out some basic information below. It might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Stairlifts Grants and VAT options in Malta

This scheme is designed to help you support the cost of installing a mobility solution in your home, like grab-rails, access ramps or a stairlift.

You can apply for this grant if you’re the legal representative, parent, children or brother/sister of someone with a disability or if they are suffering from a disability covered by this scheme. If you’re the owner of the house in which you want to install a stairlift, the value of the residence should not exceed 250,000€.

The most you can get is 5,000€. But what you actually get will depend on your household income, which should not exceed 35,869.97€; your assets during the year preceding the application’s date should also not exceed 30,000€ and the work you want to get done.

This grant is also means-tested, except in the case of applicants that are eligible to receive the following Non-Contributory Benefits:

  • SA – Social Assistance
  • SUP – Social Assistance Single Parents
  • UA – Unemployment Assistance
  • AP – Age Pension
  • NMIP – National Minimum Invalidity Pension​

To apply, you must submit an application in the prescribed form and deliver it personally to the Housing Authority during office hours. If you can’t deliver it in person for reasons related to the disability, a relative could submit the application instead.

You can collect the prescribed form from the offices at Housing Authority 22, Pietro Floriani Street Floriana, Malta; at the Housing Authority branch 25 Enrico Mizzi Street, Victoria, Gozo, or from the Housing Authority website. It’s also important that you have your tax affairs in order, so you can be considered for the grant.

5% VAT relief

If you’re purchasing goods for persons with a disability in order to improve their quality of life, you may ask Agenzija Sapport (through Empowerment Scheme) for financial compensation equivalent to the VAT paid.

Several goods that are bought for persons with a disability, such as stairlifts, are subject to a reduced rate of 5% VAT, as opposed to 18%.

Am I eligible to get a VAT discount on a stairlift?

If you would like to check the conditions for VAT relief in more detail, you can visit the website of Agenzija Sapport. You can also call them at 2256 8000 or email with further enquiries.

If you’re just looking for some friendly advice, you can also call Lift Services, our trusted dealer in Malta; their experienced team are more than happy to help you in any way they can.

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