Low-cost alternatives to homelifts or elevators

For single-family homes, what are the alternatives to homelifts or elevators to overcome architectural barriers?

Written by Stannah

Nowadays, more and more people are determined to grow old in their own homes and will go to great lengths to postpone or avoid the possibility of moving to a nursing home or even having to move to a flat altogether.

Consequently, there is a growing demand for lifts’ installation in single-family homes to overcome architectural barriers such as stairs. In fact, in recent years, homelifts have become a trendy option to improve accessibility in the house and, in some circles, it’s even seen as a sign of social status.

Many lift companies include homelifts or hydraulic lifts in their rage of products. But the irony is that we live in an era dominated by healthy lifestyles, where physical activity is actively promoted in almost every media channel, whether it is for the youngest or the oldest in the household.

Many of these families who have installed highly expensive homelifts then find themselves in a situation where they end up not using the lift often enough to justify such a high investment. In addition to that, certain homelifts can take a lot of space in a house.

At this point, people that are reading this and look for information on homelifts usually start wondering:

Is it cost-effective to install a homelift?

How much does a homelift cost?

Are there alternative solutions to a homelift?

How much does a homelift cost?

Homelifts, also known as residential lifts, with a maximum capacity of 2 persons, may cost up to 30.000€ or more. This quote usually doesn’t include maintenance, project fees or the works necessary to open a shaft, which could cost a few thousand euros more.

The truth is that not everyone can afford to spend so much on a homelift. And while it is true that residential lifts can add value to a house in the property market, there are some arguments worth considering before deciding to buy one:

  • You need enough space to include the lift shaft
  • A homelift’s installation requires construction work and sometimes relocating the staircase
  • It usually takes more time to complete the project
  • Depending on where the motor box is installed, it can get noisy when being used
  • Higher lift maintenance costs
  • Can’t be easily removed once it’s installed
  • More expensive than a stairlift or platform lift.

Stairlift: a cheaper alternative to homelifts

With a Stannah stairlift, a person with reduced mobility, but who can still move their arms and legs, can safely navigate the stairs in their home for a fraction of the cost of a homelift. The price of a stairlift varies depending on whether your stairs are straight or curved. Still, in either case, you are offered the same opportunity to regain your independence and grow old in the comfort of your own home, without having to spend so much money.

By purchasing a Stannah stairlift, you are making a worthwhile investment that will immediately improve your quality of life.

Besides being a more affordable option, there are other advantages to purchasing a stairlift:

  • Consumes very little electricity – less than 10€ per year
  • Quickly installed – no building work required
  • It’s very quiet and comfortable, offering a very smooth and stable ride
  • Their ergonomic controls make it easy to manoeuvre
  • It folds down neatly, so takes up very little space in the staircase
  • Can be easily removed, if you decide to sell it
  • Can go up several floors – in theory, there is no limit to how long a length can be
  • It’s also a perfect solution for public areas in apartment buildings or other older buildings without lifts

The only disadvantage is that people in a wheelchair can’t use it. Stairlifts are designed specifically for people with reduced mobility, who find it quite challenging to go up and down the stairs every day without risking a fall. If this is your case, then Stannah stairlift is the perfect solution for you.

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