Behind the curtain: the incredible world of Stannah stairlifts

Written by Stannah

Stannah factory worker working on a stairlift rail

Forget dull beige carpets and endless hallways – crafting a Stannah stairlift is an adventure! We blend the genius of our engineers with cutting-edge innovation and a whole lot of dedication (because, let’s be honest, most of the time the best things in life just take a little TLC).

But most people don’t give a second thought to what goes on behind the scenes of a product or service. We think you deserve to know! So, buckle up and join us for a peek at the incredible journey your stairlift takes, from the drawing board to your doorstep.

It’s more than a business, it’s a family story

Imagine a world where your attic holds more than just dusty decorations, it holds a family business that is over 150 years old! That’s the story of Stannah, and we’re not talking faded photographs and slightly embarrassing childhood stories (although those are pretty funny too)! We’re talking about the secret to our success: a legacy built on innovation.

Since the 1800s, Stannah has been a family business, with generations of engineering visionaries like our founder, Joseph Stannah, who dreamed up of building anything from hoists to cranes, locomotive stuffing boxes and top-notch lifts. Today, his great-great-grandchildren are keeping the family tradition alive, proving that a knack for invention runs deep.

But Stannah isn’t just about cool ancestors. Our success is built on the amazing team we have today. We prioritise safety, teamwork, and a positive atmosphere.

Our founder, Joseph Stannah, said it best: “Acquire the habit of doing everything well.”

So our team ensures every Stannah product is built with care and keeps our core values at the forefront because, guess what? You, our valued customer, come first with us.
Being family-owned also means we are beholden to no one but ourselves. This freedom allows us to focus on creative solutions and exceptional customer service that gets you back to enjoying your home to the fullest.

Built to last, made with care: the engineering marvel of Stannah stairlifts

Stannah curved stairlift on the first floor

Our factories are not a scene from a sci-fi movie, although the technology is pretty impressive! They’re incredible centres with a dynamic team of researchers, engineers, and technicians who are on a mission to make Stannah stairlifts the smoothest and safest way to navigate your stairs.

We are proud to offer the best possible service. “We take care” is not just a slogan, it’s our way of life. Your safety and home comfort are our top priority, and we have a hawk eye on every stage of the process, from blueprint to installation. As our Engineering Director says:

“Imagine a treasure trove of engineering knowledge – that’s what we have here at Stannah. Being able to access this is invaluable and reassuring when making decisions!”

Unlike other people (no names!), we don’t rely on third parties to build our stairlift parts. We do it all in-house, which means we can test every single piece until it’s practically singing with perfection.

The result? A stairlift built to last, by professionals who care. We use only the best materials and work methods, ensuring a smooth ride that’ll keep you going up and down the stairs for years to come.

Our team is constantly learning and evolving. Plus, we go above and beyond regulations, holding ourselves to the highest ISO standards in quality and safety management.

The magic is in the details: why our stairlift rails deliver a smooth ride

Most people don’t think twice about the hidden heroes behind a smooth stairlift ride. But we believe the magic lies in the details – specifically, our stairlift rails.

At Stannah, we don’t just slap together parts; we meticulously craft each rail from scratch. Why? Because quality control is in our DNA. But we’re not just about building the best, we’re also about building smarter. Innovation is our middle name (not literally, but it could be!). This means constantly searching for ways to make your ride even safer, smoother, and more comfortable.

And that’s not all: we care about the planet as much as we care about your independence. That’s why we’re on a mission to minimise our environmental footprint, from recycling paint powder to replacing polystyrene packaging with cardboard boxes. We’re passionate about protecting the planet and making a difference, step by step.

Stairlift shopping made easy: no pressure, just expert advice

Stannah sales consultant with mother and daughter looking at product samples

Not sure if a stairlift is the right choice for you? Not to worry! At Stannah, we’re not just about selling stairlifts, we’re about making your life easier. Our commitment to exceptional customer service starts right here, with a free consultation from a mobility expert.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A listening ear: We’ll chat about your situation, your home, and your mobility needs. Our stairlifts are tailored to you, there’s no one-size-fits-all here.
  • Expert advice: Our mobility specialist will measure your stairs, assess the best rail type and even check if your home needs extra prep work, like installing a power socket.
  • From classic to customised: We’ll present different stairlift models with all the extra features you might want.
  • The choice is yours: There’s absolutely no pressure to buy on the spot. Take your time and make the decision that’s right for you.
  • All included: Our free quote includes everything, so there’s no surprises later.

Delivery: your stairlift is on its way

Let’s be honest, sometimes, waiting for a delivery can feel like watching paint dry. But fear not! At Stannah, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way, so you know exactly when to expect your stairlift to arrive and the installation to take place. With Stannah, your stairlift delivery is an experience, not an endurance test.

From box to bliss: stairlift installation made easy

We know home improvement projects can feel like a nightmare. But don’t worry! Stannah stairlift installation is a swift and seamless process, leaving you with a whole lot more “bliss” and a whole lot less “disruption” in your home.

Here’s what you can expect during a Stannah stairlift installation:

  • Minimal fuss: Our technicians will have your stairlift up and running in just a few hours, with minimal disruption to your home.
  • Spotless place: We treat your home with the utmost care. Our team will handle everything from unloading to installation, leaving your space spotless, and with an incredible new addition – brand new stairlift, of course.
  • Ready to go: Once installed, our technician will walk you through everything you need to know about your new stairlift. You’ll be gliding up the stairs with confidence in no time!

And the magic doesn’t end here. After we leave, you’ll rediscover the joy of:

  • Reclaiming your entire home and moving around with ease.
  • Enjoying complete peace of mind knowing you’re safe and secure in your own space.
  • Saving your energy for the better things in life, not avoiding the stairs.

The Stannah difference

Woman on a Stannah stairlift at the top of the stairs on the first floor of the house

We believe regaining your independence shouldn’t be an uphill battle. That’s why our commitment goes beyond providing top-notch stairlifts at competitive prices. It’s about fostering a family atmosphere within our company and extending that sense of care to every customer we serve. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning (well, that and a good cup of tea!).

That’s the Stannah difference. It’s not just about conquering stairs; it’s about conquering life’s challenges with confidence and a smile.

Ready to reclaim your independence? Contact us today and let’s chat about making your home a more accessible and joyful place.

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