Commercial Stairlifts

Our commercial stairlifts will assist in making public spaces accessible, built to Maltese Standard SM 3800:2015 compliance.

commercial stairlifts

Finding a commercial stairlift for your place of business

Is your place of worship, school, meeting place, office building, lodge, arena or commercial location looking to become more accessible to your members, clients or the public? Then perhaps Stannah can assist.

With the global push for accessibility, the retrofitting of buildings to meet these core compliance regulations has been brought to the forefront in Malta.

Our standard design and built-in engineering allow our accessibility products to be easily modified to meet local authority compliance. Our accessibility experts will review your site and assist with your application and design. We meet Maltese Standard SM 3800:2015 Accessibility for All in the Built Environment, so you know we uphold the highest safety and quality standards when it comes to production, installation, safety and maintenance.

The Maltese Standard SM 3800:2015 specifies the requirements for the construction and installation of power-operated accessibility products intended for use by persons with limited mobility such as stairlifts and inclined lifting platforms to safeguard against the risk of accidents. Each area may have its own specific code requirements, so working with the local legislative body and building offices is a must. One of our experienced advisors is happy to assist you with your questions and doubts. During a free stair-survey we will be able to analyse the location you need a stairlift for, so you know exactly what it is we can do for you. You’ll also receive a commitment-free quote, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Residential and commercial stairlifts

Stannah can provide both residential and commercial stairlifts for accessibility solutions indoor or outdoor. When looking to make a straight or curved staircase accessible in commercial buildings, public spaces in general or residential places, a Stannah stairlift could be the commercial mobility solution that you’re looking for. A stairlift will help your clientele or members with reduced mobility that aren’t in a wheelchair, safely and comfortably use the stairs, without having to install platform lifts or a vertical lift.

In case steps or stairs up to the entrance of a public building are too steep to install threshold ramps, for example, outdoor stair lifts are a safe and practical solution. Thanks to the standard key feature you’ll know that only those who need to use the stairlift will.

What is the cost of a commercial stair lift?

The cost associated with a Stannah stairlift depends on several factors. For example;

  • Are your stairs straight or curved?
  • How wide is your stairwell?
  • If there is a low ceiling, how much headroom is there?
  • How far will your stairlift travel?
  • Are there landings at the top and bottom of your straight or curved stairs?

During the free stair-survey, the above questions are exactly those we need to answer in order to provide you with your obligation free quote. Would you like to read more about what can influence your stairlift’s price? Follow this link.

When  it comes to a commercial stairlift for your place of business or any other public space, the following steps can give you an indication of what you can expect:

A Typical commercial Project follows these steps:

  • General Survey and Assessment
  • Local review by fire and building departments
  • Applications & Drawings
  • Engineering Review and Submissions
  • Lift Manufacture
  • Installation & Inspection
  • Lift Turnover

stairlifts for business

Commercial stair lift: features, customize options and size

Our stairlifts have been designed and manufactured with your needs in mind, we are able to produce a commercial stairlift into the architecture of your building. You have a vast array of upholstery colours and fabric to choose from, and in case your stairlift is installed in a public building you’ll be able to guarantee that only those who need the lift are able to use it, by using a standard key. A  powered swivel, coloured carriage, rails and chairs are some of the optional features you might want to consider.

During your obligation-free stair survey, our trusted advisor will go over all the options and offer advice on what is the best option for you. Read more about our stairlift options.

A commercial stair lift is an economic alternative to an expensive traditional lift; the difference in commercial lift sizes alone will allow for the stairs, either straight or curved, in your public space to remain open and free to be used by anyone. Curious if we can help your place of business become more accessible for those with reduced mobility? Contact us today for your free stair-survey.